Why Do Reputed And Reliable Facilities Use Standard XR 29?

It is mandatory to use standard XR 29 not only to get the desired result but also to avoid any punitive measures due to non-compliance. Known as Smart dose CT, this has become a necessity and compulsion for all reputed and reliable facilities. It consist the standard attributes regarding dose management and optimization. Usually, there are four basic components of the standards created by MITA that you must essentially comply with. Such compulsion has brought a dramatic change which is for the better. Therefore, it is essential that you know about the components and requirements so that you can continue to do your business smoothly and effectively.
The DICOM Radiation

This is one of the most significant components of XR 29. DICOM Radiation Dose Structured Reports or DICOM RDSR captures pre-exam information, as well as post-exam information. Such feature is made compulsory for each scan and all the facilities include this in a standard electronic format. Along with it there are some pre-loaded reference protocols that are to be followed. It is compulsory for both pediatric and adult patients. The usefulness of such standards is that there is an inbuilt alarm system which is triggered off when there is an over dose. This alert system can be overturned as well. In this system there is an automatic exposure control which has the ability to adapt itself to the part of the body scanned.

The Compliance Factor

The study says that more and more vendors are getting used to this Nema XR 29 feature within a given time frame. There may not be any exact figure of compliance from such vendors but it is for sure that the industry has taken it up on a very serious note. From a mere 29% initially there has been a steep rise in it compliance by the industry in the recent past as CMS have the right to enforce penalties for non-compliance. Therefore, to avoid a 5 to 15 percent deduction in Medicare payments the facilities are using compliant systems for scanning purpose.
Problems In Billing

There will be a lot of problems in billing due to your non-compliance to the Nema XR 29 norms. You will have to send each and every scan conducted on a non-compliant system along with a modifier to the billing department which will make your task tedious and also prone to human errors. It will be all the more difficult when scans are conducted in multiple scanners across several departments which are a common sight in big hospitals. The operations and counts department will have a hard time to maintain the records and errors in billing are surely to happen.

Use of Multiple Systems
There are some issues when it comes to the enforcement of such system especially when the technologist does not know whether a said bill is of a Medicare patient. Moreover, in facilities where multiple systems are used it is difficult to enforce it in all the systems as it will be difficult to find out whether or not a specific scan is conducted on a complaint or a non-compliant machine. To read more Click Here