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Hey all, how are you?

Today we want to show you the dangers of online shopping in Ali express and more important how to overcome it.

Here are 4 tips for safe online shopping in Ali express with a screenshot in real items:

  1. Refund
  2. Feedback seller page
  3. Product feedback
  4. Top seller

1. Refund

When you look at your desire product one of the best ways to verify your product safety is if the seller gives a refund to his product. There are several kinds of refund for a full or partial refund.

Refund is a key point to check if the seller is Safe Deal, cause if the seller is real and Not fraud it will give to his buyer a refund. …

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Hey guys, how are you?

As part of our small startup called:SafeDeal — For Shop online with high confedince, we want to share with you 3 excellent FREE tools for your startup that we currently used.

1. Product Organization [Trello]

From our point of view this tool can be the difference between success or failure on your startup. Yes you hear it well. If you don’t have purpose and you don’t have clear path and a great management tools you will go lost fast.

An excellent and FREE tool for that purpose is Trello.

It’s a kanban board that you can drag and drog cards, add labels, add images, video, links and a lot more information. …

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Safe Deal — Shop Online With Confidence

Hey all, how are you 👍?

The story starts with two developers from different countries, develop Only in remote, a product. Sound weird? Not in our case :)

📖 Here is the short story of Safe Deal :) 📖

Safe Deal starts as all other startups… from an idea 💡…

As two developers that strive to improve and know each other from a previous job, we always want to do something by ourselves that will be our “baby” product.

Both of us are heavily online shoppers that buy on the internet, we start to think about which pains we can solve for other peoples that shop online. One of the ways of thinking was just to let's go to buy products in Ali Express and see what is our pains and if it occur also to other buyers. We start buying, and buying and analyze this process. …

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Safe Deal @2020
  • האם אתם מרגישים בטוחים כאשר אתם רוכשים מוצרים מהאינטרנט?
  • האם אתם מרגישים מיואשים כאשר אתם צריכים לעבור מוצר מוצר ולנתח האם שווה ובטוח לקנות אותו?
  • האם אתם חשים ״כאב״ כאשר אמא שלכם/חבר שלכם/אישתכם מבקשים ממכם:

״בבקשה תוכל להמליץ לנו על מוצר טוב ובטוח לקנות״?

כל התרחישים הללו הם כאב אמיתי ויומיומי בקנייה אונליין בחנויות כמו אלי אקפרסס, אייביי אמזון ועוד.

זה הסיבה האמיתית למה יצרנו תוסף לדפדפן (נתמך בעברית : —) ) שיעזור לכם לפתור את הבעיות האלה שנקרא:

Safe Deal Extenstion — קנייה בטוחה

במילים פשוטות:

״התוסף הוא כמו אנטי וירוס לקניות אונליין״

בוא נראה את התוסף בפעולה…

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  • Do you feel Safe and Confidence when you buy a product online?
  • Do you feel really exhausted when you need to analyze each product from a big product list before you buy it?
  • Do you feel real pain when your mother/friend/wife asks you again and again: “please advise me on a good and safe product to buy?”

Those all real scenarios and a real pain in a daily online shopping, and that’s why we create a SAFE DEAL EXTENSION.

In simple words: “SAFE DEAL is like an Anti Virus for online shopping”

Let See Safe Deal Extension in Action on Aliexpress…

Safe Deal Advisor

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