Announcing safekee

“safekee is the world’s first secure decentralized cryptokeys COLD–STORAGE service, made available to the masses via a multi-currency crypto wallet!”

March 12th, 2018 — Swiss Blockchain Technology, a hardware blockchain technology startup headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, announces the development of safekee, an innovative decentralized solution created to push the security of crypto assets and the safety of cryptospace users to the maximum level.

safekee empowers cryptospace users by providing them the tools that are required to easily and securely generate, store and manage their own cryptographic private keys.

safekee implements hardware-grade security on users’ private keys. safekee’s personnel does not have access to users’ keys. With safekee, users’ keys are kept in a worldwide network of robust, remote and distributed secure hardware devices: i.e. not on software-based platforms affected by physical and digital vulnerabilities such as smartphones and IT servers.

With safekee, Swiss Blockchain Technology introduces the World’s First-ever Remote Decentralized Cold–Storage Keys Management Service.

Swiss Blockchain Technology’s team is excited for the additional prototypes that have been tested in the last few months and is looking forward to the upcoming implementation of the system.

safekee: bringing the benefits of the latest cutting-edge Cold–Storage security technology innovation to the masses.