SafeMoon 2.0 — Everyone deserves a second chance.

We are all familiar with SafeMoon and their famous 5% reflection and 5% liquidity which made them insanely resistant to big red candles and the 5% LP acquisition was proved to be working. For that reason we created $SAFEMOON2.

What is the difference?

We removed the 5% reflections they had, those reflections when looking at a long-term goal destroyed a lot of new money coming in, so much so that all the new money coming in was essentially given to whales in reflections and made it a lot more unstable. This time it is different, instead of those 5% reflections full 10% tax is going to LP. Each time someone buys or sells SafeMoon 2.0 10% of that will go to our liquidity making it more and more stable after each buy and sell.

If only 5% LP tax did what it did while fighting the reflections, imagine what a 10% LP tax can do.

How do the taxes exactly work?

A small part of the LP tax is getting traded for BNB and tokens, not affecting the chart.

With the BNB we buyback the chart, and the tokens we get we burn which reduces the scarcity even further helping the chart.



This is exactly how original SafeMoon did it, but they had 5% LP and the other 5% for whales to sell on smaller fish. We are 10% LP which is basically SafeMoon on drugs.



Everyone deserves a second chance.

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