Things only seasoned expats will relate to ….

Abra on Dubai Creek

Things only seasoned expats will relate to ….

Is the “and easy” really that bad?

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Choosing the Right Hotel

It is possible to explore the centre of Rome is just a few short days

Road trip Pescara to Rome

Exploring Centro Storico Rome

Observations after living in rural France for four months

Observations about France and the French after three weeks as a tourist

  1. The people are warm and friendly and their not speaking English and our not speaking French hasn’t stopped us having some lovely and sometimes hilarious interactions.
  2. If you want to use a credit or debit card in cafes and restaurants in France then there is a minimum spend of €5.00. So, make sure you have cash on you at all times. Also, it’s often cheaper if you pay by cash. In one cafe in Toulouse our bill was €5.60 but when we proffered our card the bill went up to €7.00.
  3. Hotels charge a tourist tax. So, even if you…

Can Granny or Grandpa’s life be enhanced by social media?

My own image from the Typewriter Museum on Montmorillon France

Is it really possible to experience Venice in a day?

Exploring the small villages — off the beaten track

La France Profonde

Why and How Did Safetravels196 Come to be in France


Developing a digital Safetravels Network to connect “The Responsible Traveller” with tourism opetarators and organisations globally.

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