What is SafeTrust Innovations?

SafeTrust Innovations is a visionary company with an ecosystem that identifies opportunities in the financial markets (forex and cryptocurrency markets), creates solutions, and provides customers protection against most risks to their virtual property while managing their digital assets.

Our SafeTrust robotics and innovative expert systems operate by collecting vend and trade data, trading volume, volume of operations, and other applicable data to correctly predict market movements and execute trades.

Is it legit?
Is SafeTrust Innovations legitimate?
Is SafeTrust Innovations registered?
Is SafeTrust Innovations legal?
In which country is SafeTrust Innovations registered?

SafeTrust is registered in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Cayman Islands South Africa, and Turkey. SafeTrust Innovations complies with the legal regulations of these countries. Hence, your investment is secure and legally monitored.

What is STI in Forex?
Do SafeTrust Innovations trade Foreign Exchange?
Do SafeTrust Innovations trade on Forex?
Does SafeTrust Innovations trade cryptocurrency?
Is SafeTrust Innovations a forex trading company?

Safetrust Innovations makes advantageous use of the foreign exchange market. STI provides users with effective and proficient analytical trading tools capable of helping them profit from the forex market. The Forex market is brimming with various trading opportunities that are yet to be tested and revealed to so many individuals. Safetrust Innovation is committed to exposing such opportunities to its users.

Is STI a forex broker?
Is STI a trading platform?
Is SafeTrust Innovations a forex broker?
Is SaferTrust Innovations a trading platform?
Is SafeTrust Innovations a brokerage firm?

SafeTrust Innovations is not a broker firm. It is a financial ecosystem that only provides users with helpful trading tools to leverage the market, as well as exposes users to diverse trading opportunities to take advantage of.

Is SafeTrust Innovation real?
Is SafeTrust Innovations a scam?

Safetrust Innovation is reliable and safe and is registered in five major countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, the Cayman Islands, South Africa, and Turkey.

What is the SFT Innovations bot?
What is the STI Bot?
What is SafeTrust Innovations BOT?
Tell me about your BOT?
What does SafeTrust Innovations BOT do?

The Safetrust bot is an innovative expert system that automatically provides accurate market analysis in the financial market in order for users to have winning trades.

How does STI make money?

STI offers its users the opportunity to earn from an automated trading system (which is the Innovative Expert Systems). It is used to accurately analyze market movements and patterns, determining and automatically executing trades. With its features of BG MONEY SCALPER (BMS), MARKET MAKER PAIRS (MMP), and MARKET MAKER ANALYSIS (MMA), the proficiency test confirmed 94% accuracy of the exact market trends.

Users can also earn some sponsorship bonuses by introducing new users to subscribe to any of the Safetrust robotics plans and also via the loyalty program.

How do I register with SafeTrust Innovations?
How do I get started?
How do I sign up?
How do I start?
How do I begin?

Please visit to sign up and get started.

Follow these 4 Simple Steps To Get Started With Us

Register an account with us

Login into your account

Deposit funds to your wallet

Subscribe to a bot and fund your capital.

Is SFT Innovations registered in the U.S.?

Yes, it is registered and compliant with the U.S.A. regulations.

Is SFT Innovations registered in the U.K.?
Yes, it is registered and compliant with the U.K. regulations.

Is SFT Innovations registered in Turkey?
Yes, it is registered and compliant with the Turkish. regulations.

What products does SFL offer trading tools on?
What products does SafeTrust Innovations trade on?
What do you trade?

Safetrust main traded products includes; Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrency, Oil CFD and Gold CFD.

Am I allowed to register more than one account?
You can subscribe to all of the bots on one account, so having multiple accounts will be unnecessary.

Which payment systems do you accept?
SafeTrust Innovations accept USDT TRC20, and ERC20 payments.

When will I receive an interest on my deposit?

You cannot receive interest on your deposits.
Kindly subscribe to one of our trading bots and fund your bot to earn trading profits.

Are there any fees for the crediting of funds?

SafeTrust Innovations charges $2 for every deposit and withdrawal.

How long has SafeTrust Innovations been in existence?

SafeTrust Innovations launched their digital products for public use on the 18th of July, 2022.

Will SafeTrust Innovations close soon?
Will SafeTrust Innovations last?
When will SafeTrust Innovations close?
Is SafeTrust Innovations here to stay?

Here at SafeTrust Innovations, we respects and revere the promises we make, and we give maximum devotion and fidelity to fulfilling them to the latter.

Assuming a user loses login details(and also doesn’t have access to email attached to their STI account), is there any other means of recovery?

Kindly contact us at to assist you with your account recovery process.

I forgot my password, how do I login into my account?
How do I recover my password?
How can I change my password?
How do I reset my password?

Please click the link below to reset your password:

Will a user’s account be banned if they remain inactive or don’t login for a specific period of time?

A registered account will be active for a lifetime with or without a deposit, subscription, or trading capital.

What is the expected maximum duration of document verification?

KYC applications take about 7 working days to be completed, except for users who are suspected of fraud or illegal transactions. Kindly review the AML Policy.

In the case of a lost national ID, are there other acceptable documents, for example, school IDs, work IDs, etc.?

SafeTrust Innovations STI only accepts government-issued ID cards such as the driver’s license, the Nature ID Card, or the international passport.

Must information in an ID tally with a user’s email address and account names?

Information used to complete an STI registration must tally with the ID submitted for verification.



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Safe Trust Innovations

Safe Trust Innovations

SafeTrust Innovations is a visionary company with an ecosystem that identifies opportunities in the Financial Market (Forex and cryptocurrency markets).