Week 9 — Revitalised in Dresden!

Things got real this past week! Accommodation booked for the marathon, details of the day getting closer and I think only 10 weeks remain!

Realised this week that Dreseden is nothing like Coventry. It does look like the picture but not so much on the wet Tuesday evening I was running along the river! Please remember that when in Europe you must run on the right like the driving! Also the runners of Dresden are quite friendly or I just look funny? Could be either :)

Good support in Dresden!

I completed 2 runs along the river Elber — the longest river on mainland Europe I didn’t run the whole thing but did 20km in total which was good?

Onto Berlin for my Sunday’s long run was in Templehofer park Berlin which is a large park in the centre of Berlin that used to be an airport to West German sector of Berlin.

Week 10 back on home turf and glad of it too! I ran my usual 8 km hill run on Saturday. I have just completed my longest training run to date at 28km in 2 hours 49! It felt like a long time to be out and my feet, but a lovely sunny if not breezy morning around the parks, canal and cycle paths in and around Leamington Spa.

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