Zero tolerance for alcohol and flight crew on duty.

Flight crews are professionals, and they take safety seriously.

At many airlines flight safety is priority, and they invest a lot of money in different safety systems so that they can be more proactive and minimize incidents.

But for an increasing amount of airlines the race to save costs also means that safety is not a priority.

We as passengers trust the airlines to always have a high standard of safety.

We always take for granted that the flight crew is well rested, alert and always know what to do in every situation that might occur.

This summer we have seen a increasing number of alcohol related incidents around the globe, were pilots have been caught on duty while under the influence of alcohol. Flight crews are of course normal people like you and me with the same type of problems. But showing up drunk at work in an airplane compared to showing up drunk at the office is a big difference.

There is no mandatory testing of flight crew today for alcohol. While other types of transportation implement alcohol testing, including (but not limited to) taxis, lorries and other transportation services. With that said, we believe that it is a bit weird that there are not such test for the aviation industry.

Why is that?

Surely flight crews have as much responsibility as a lorry driver? Wouldn’t passengers like to know that the pilots is fit to fly?

Ensuring the safety of all passengers and flight crew members should be the number 1 priority and mandatory alco-checks is the way to make sure that this occurs.

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