How OHS Software Can Promote Safety In The Workplace

Australian Companies must adhere to the Occupational Health Standards and safety norms to protect their employees. As per current statistics, an Australian worker gets seriously injured after every 2–3 minutes. So, it is important for an organization to buy licensed and user-friendly OHS Software to minimize this risk.

Ideal features of safety and health management software

Easy to configure

The software must be easy to configure and simple to use. It must be user-friendly to customize as per different industries and organizations. A system with settings and data pre-loaded enables you to quickly set up the system in minutes and start using it.

Customized dashboard

After an administrator (employees who conduct health and safety audits in the company) logs in, he or she will be able to view the allotted tasks and related documents quickly.

Cloud-based setup

Data items are stored in the cloud for your employees and management staff to access the system from mobiles, tablets, and laptops on-the-go.

Automated task notification

All the workflows are pre-defined. Setting up the organization and employees should be easy. Super admin can select/customize a workflow and allocate it to the admin staff in few clicks. The staff will receive e-mail notifications till the audit task is completed and signed on from the task list. Staff can select standard Australian OHS Procedures and workflows adopted from safety management system Standards.

Log management

The software must maintain a record of each operation in the system and store all evidence for management staff to verify if the audit tasks have been completed on-time.

High-end audits

The software can quickly help the internal auditors to demonstrate the audit logs to external auditors in minimum time.

Online reports

It is important to extract reports related to accidents and incidents by workers and also view detailed reports of the corresponding investigation process adopted for each incident reported in the system.

Admin can quickly extract customized and user-friendly reports related to other business activities like personal information, employee records, and training records etc.

Simple and effective management tool

Management staff must be able to view details of all tasks, incidents, documents, and high-priority items quickly in a customized master dashboard view. Apart from these important modules, accessing metrics and reports should be user-friendly and seamless for the management to take quick business decisions.

Hence, professional, fast, and user-friendly safety management software is cruicial in order to maintain risk-free operations and promote and attract the best employees and staff or your business. If you are looking for an example of good software, Safety Champion is an affordable software product for promoting and administering appropriate safety procedures for your business.

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