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Cris Torres has been a digital nomad since 2016, and is one of the first remote workers to get the Barbados Welcome Stamp. We asked her to share her experience with how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed her lifestyle and why she decided to apply for the Barbados Welcome Stamp, and most importantly — how can you get it too? Cris is also one of the researchers behind Flatten the Curve, a resource intended to keep the nomad community up to date with the travel regulations and the coronavirus status of every country in the world.

This year started in the most DN fashion possible for me. Eating soba at midnight with new and old friends in Tokyo, knowing that after two weeks I would be moving on to Hawaii, Los Angeles, Playa…I couldn’t have imagined that my 4th year as a digital nomad would test my lifestyle and choices in such a direct way. It is not easy to “chill and stay put at home” when you haven’t had one in years. …

TL;DR Nomads are ready to start up their travels again. It’s possible. You’ll just need some creativity, flexibility, and diligence.

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It seems almost impossible that, as remote work has exploded overnight, nomading is more difficult than it has been in years. While the effect of COVID-19 on travel is not surprising, it certainly is not a welcome change for a community that values freedom of mobility above all else.
Most nomads were faced with difficult decisions at the start of the pandemic.
Do you evacuate home, or stay abroad? There was and is no correct answer.

What’s important moving forward is that no matter where you are, nomading in 2020 is still possible. It may be different, and almost certainly is not what you thought it would be a year ago, but it can be done.
You’ve likely seen photos and videos of friends abroad and thought, ‘how is that possible?’ As the first company attempting to build a social safety net for nomads, we’d like to dive into some of our learnings and observations of how our community continues to thrive. …

It’s safe to say that everyone connected with the travel industry (as well as many others, of course) has had an exciting few weeks, to say the least.

Nearly every day, our community is presented with a new challenge that seems almost impossible to overcome. Nomads around the world have been put in a uniquely difficult position abroad.

We know this because we felt the responsibility of coming up with a simple way to explain complicated insurance policy details to thousands of people in distress. Everyone was asking what is covered, and the answer depended on location and on travel warnings that could change by the hour. …



Building a global safety net that offers travel medical insurance and global health insurance for remote companies and individuals.

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