What I Learn When I’m Unemployed

Image Credit: All Black Media

Fresh graduate. Check. Good GPA. Check. Job. ??

Experience. I have. Applying. Done. Waiting. ??

Let’s face it that not every fresh graduate will be directly get a job, and I’m one of them. It’s a pity at first I don’t hide that. I cried in the very first rejection, but it suddenly change the way I think. I realize that I don’t really have so much rejections in this aspect, while I have tons in other aspect (This, I don’t want to talk about it).

I do some flashbacks when I was an intern at some companies. First, I didn’t have any difficulties when I applied there. Second, I never had any rejection, and Third, I didn’t do so much effort to get my internship experiences.

Now it’s time for me to taste some rejections from getting a job. I have to wait, and patient, to be precise. But I can’t do it forever. First week after I got my rejection letter, I cried. I lost my confidence, I lost my ability to do anything. I lost my inspiration. I can’t write, I can’t take a picture like usually do. I totally lost in myself.

Then again I had a wake-up call. It’s like a slap at my face.

God has Given me some space, some time, not just to think, but also to fix something in me, to give me some opportunities to explore something that might be useful when I really get a job one day (hopefully soon). So after two weeks of drama with myself, at one night I lied in my bed, staring at the ceiling, my mind was buzzing with tons of imaginations. At first there were some unimportant imaginations which were not part of my future. I tried to get rid of it and selectively choose things that will be useful, and finally find these:

  1. I love writing and I’m not ashamed to think I’m good at it. What will I do next is to improve my writing skill more and more, and write about anything and useful.
    To improve: Read. Be inspired
  2. I love photography. Yes I love these things. I’m glad that I don’t lose any interest in anything at all, and I need to be inspired more to get some nice pictures.
    How to improve: research the related photos, be inspired.
  3. Patient. Why? Because I realize I need this to make me back in my line. I realize I don’t do so much effort to control my ambition. If I rejected by a company, should I cry again? Should I drown myself in despair? We know it’s not wroth and it can’t go on forever.
  4. Be useful. When God given me the precious Time, I need to use it. I will do anything to improve my interests. It’s easier and more relaxed when we do some things that we love, and it will be useful when we improve our interests to become some specialties.

In this Precious Time, I don’t want to be like any unemployed people out there. I don’t want to be a part of the stereotype. I’ll write anything (like this), I read about content writing (which I will after for a job), I take pictures to be inspired, even I do some Zentangle doodle to make my mind be on the track. Be Inspired.

That’s the end of self-pity. They say an adulthood life is more complicated than in college. Well it’s true, but we have to do some efforts to make it less stressful. While we struggling to apply a job, we do some activities to make ourselves valued.

And that’s what happen to me lately. Thank God I really find something to learn in rejection, in negative situation.