Social Media For Destination Marketing of Kenya

Nairobi Instagram Tour — with photographers, film makers and bloggers

The dust has now settled after the epic 24-hour #NairobaeIGTour or rather we’ve now recovered fully from the dawn to dusk to dawn tour.

Central Park, Nairobi

On the 1st of July 60 photographers (both professional and amateur), videographers, bloggers, historians and thrill seekers traverse the streets of Nairobi from 5 am — 5 am in a city tour dubbed #NairobaeIGTour. The idea was for people to come together and explore the city, thanks to a blockbuster itinerary curated, powered and designed by Turnup.Travel; and for a good cause, with proceeds going to Homeless of Nairobi, in an effort to contribute towards keeping more kids off our streets.

A case of social media for conservation

The Most Eligible Bachelor campaign begins when a creative director is in Olpejeta Conservancy for a weekend getaway with friends. They visit Sudan, an ageing white rhino, and the last male white northern rhino in the world. On hearing his story, they realize that just like themselves, Sudan is a lonely bachelor looking for his perfect match. This sparks a campaign idea: Let’s put his profile on Tinder, a global dating mobile application for humans, and then brainstorm on how to make a date happen. Result: a campaign to get Tinder users to swipe right for donations towards potency treatment for Sudan.

Kenya’s Water Man, Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua, on the other hand is a water vendor who sees wild animals dying in Tsavo West National Park due to drought. He then decides to do something about it — starts delivering water and digging watering holes to save the animals. He starts posting pictures on Facebook and soon enough the story is picked up and goes global. Result: donations from across the world.

These two campaigns signal the changing face of conservation in Kenya driven by locals and getting global attention. It’s inspiring that little acts of kindness and sticky issues do not need the big backers to kick off, but are initiated by people who simply saw a challenge and decided to act on it. What more can we do in the community by leveraging power of social media to raise awareness, and convene like-minded people to mobilize resources? There is just a mismatch of brilliant ideas and resources, and social media platforms could bridge this conservation gap and break stereotypes.

Asambe Kenya: Pairing foreign, social media “influencers” with Kenyans.

“Asambe Kenya” (isiZulu for “Let’s Go Kenya”) was an initiative of Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) and South African travel content creators to woo South African tourists to Kenya. This was the first of a series of initiatives to inform the rest of Africa, that Kenya welcomes visitors from across Africa, in particular.

There was social media uproar at the appointment of Ugandan pop musician, Eddy Kenzo, as Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) brand ambassador to Uganda. The musician speaks both Luganda and Kiswahili. His music is immensely popular in both countries as a result. Eddy will be promoting the KTB ‘Take a break’ initiative to Ugandans. The loud, ill-informed, opponents of Eddy’s appointment did not grasp the concept of a non-Kenyan who has a handle on aspects of both markets, being the right person to tell his people how visiting and relaxing in Kenya would do them some good.

Hackathon on a plane: Towards Open Skies

This would be an initiative in partnership with an airline that could use this to promote new routes, while allowing hotels tap into new source markets and help innovators launch travel tech solutions in new cities/markets. On a smaller scale we can do this in-country say as a four-weekend programming across prime destinations — City, Bush and Beach and test the challenges in the community. How’s that for the Sustainable Development Goals?

It would be one of many soft approaches towards actual Open Skies policies; either bilateral or multilateral air service agreements, with nations such as South Africa.


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