We are happy to announce that the migration has begun.

Send your SAFFRON QAENAT tokens to the address below and migrate


Date : 01-11-2023
Time : 04:00 PM UTC

Please don't miss this one.
This step will last only 9 days. ‌‌‌



what is its purpose

Saffron Coin provides traceability by introducing transparency in the supply chain .

It is a purchasing platform implemented with blockchain technology that ensures complete transparency in supply chain management for various industries to gain its previous trust and efficiency .

Saffron Coins are very useful an industry because every step From harvest to packaging can be recorded in the blockchain and the trend of saffron from producer to retailer can be observed by the consumer, which proves more accuracy .



why it is important

Information from the production to the place of delivery can be traced .

IoT integration for live tracking helps analyze and plan activities and transactions based on total supply chain information .

Provides complete visibility for all parties involved .

Any side of the system can access the data at any time .

Saffron token is a solution that aims to simplify the supply chain and address the major issues facing the industry .

Saffron token has the potential to create a good opportunity for both consumers and businesses.