The Saffron Manifesto

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Most people never scratch the surface of what they’re capable of.

As a company, we strive to maintain the following virtue in our culture.


The Saffron Manifesto.

Strive for more, keep moving, don’t rest on success.

You don’t have to wait for permission, free your mind.

At every moment, think. A focus on the process drives results that yield an unforeseen outcome.

We all make mistakes — by realizing them we can fix them, consciously learn from them, and make them faster next time.

Collaborate — working together can inspire progress.

Unite — we can empower the world to unite together without borders or race. Unity is a necessity of evolution, and progress that sees beyond the limits of our one planet.

Create for the benefit of all.

Rules are to be broken; preconceptions disposed of.

Follow your passion.



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