Wonderful Saffron

Saffron can be a delicious spice that is used in many Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines. It possesses a distinct bittersweet flavour and a brilliant yellow colour who’s adds to dishes that it is used in. Oahu is the most costly spice, weight for weight being worth more than gold!

saffron flower

The reason that saffron is indeed much will that it is the stamen of the flower that should be picked manually. The stamen is part of the central aspects of a flower. Namely the area that the pollen is deposited onto fertilise the flower. Each flower only contains three of these stamens which are 1.5 to 2 cm long and some of millimetres wide. If they are dried they may be even lighter and smaller!

Saffron comes from a form of bulb called a crocus, specifically crocus sativus. This kind of crocus flowers inside the autumn as an alternative to spring like many crocuses. The bulbs are quite small, and produce foliage eight to twelve cm tall. When selecting crocus bulbs for saffron make sure to get the right species. The spring flowering bulbs are poisonous, make sure to receive the right ones!

saffron threads

Lots of people wonder the best way to grow saffron. Really it is extremely easy. You can purchase the bulbs from numerous bulb growers. Just do a web search to locate one local to you. Then just go with a sunny well drained spot and you’re ready to go. This web site on gardening inside your backyard carries a great article which matches into detail on how to attempt growing saffron.

Using saffron in cooking is very easy. Make sure to either expand your own or buy it from a reputable supplier. Certainly don’t buy powdered saffron because this often contains fillers or inferior quality stamens. When you use saffron soak it in a few warm liquid for 10–15 minutes before using to get out as much of the flavors as you can. Add the liquid with the saffron strands in your cooking. As well as using saffron in savory dishes you can incorporate it into desserts and sweets as well.

Lastly make sure to store your saffron in the airtight jar in the dark destination to preserve its flavour so long as possible. Once you’ve tried this delicious spice you will want to carry on using it time and again to take advantage of its wonderful flavours. So you shouldn’t be shy, give it a try today.