Professional photo retouching of yesterday, today and tomorrow

Professional photo retouching has become unavoidable in today’s world of photography. But the photo retouching is much longer than any belief. Already the first photos in B/W, one hundred years ago were subjected to a photo retouching.

100 years ago it was not the digital but analog photo retouching. It was retouched directly on the photo-negative or photo-positive. Professional photo retouching is therefore not an invention of the digital modern era but has been adapted over many decades to the new technologies that were available for professional photo retouching.

professional photo retouching

When dealing with photo editing, you have to constantly develop this sphere. It is important to support your employees and brand and to advertise in order to find more customers. This is not easy and takes a lot of time, but you have to remember that he/she is a photographer and his job is to take photos. Only then is his goal to edit pictures.

About the term “professional photo retouching”

Professional photo retouching can also be referred to as a sub-term of image processing, with the photo retouching referring to a restricted area of image processing. With a professional photo retouching by Tradxcel Graphics professionals not only lighting conditions and colors in a photo are adjusted, but the photo retouching also includes the removal of small, disturbing elements in the photo! Many portrait photos can be qualitatively improved by a professional photo retouching. Disturbing pimples and blemishes completely remove the photo retouching. Photo retouching is not a photo montage.

Two types of professional photo retouching and prices

Photo retouching is not the same as photo retouching and you should distinguish between the ways the photo retouches.

1> Beauty retouching

2> Product photo retouching

Product photo retouching

The professional photo retouching of products can make products appear high quality. For online shops, high-quality product retouching is an important promotional factor and should not be underestimated. Tradxcel professional once created a copy of a successful photo retouch for a product image.

The product photo retouching is possible at a cheap rate per image if many product images are to be retouched and the photo retouching focuses on the spotting, removal of dust, etc.

Beauty retouching

The classic beauty shower is more elaborate and starts at Tradxcel Graphics Ltd. Cost per image is exceeded your expectation. Depending on the effort we made a skin retouch of portrait pictures or application pictures. It is very important in the photo retouch getting the natural appearance of the skin.

If you would like a photo retouch, you should get an offer for a photo retouching. Depending on the number of images, the price may vary. The more pictures to be retouched, the cheaper the price.

There is also creative glamour retouching?

Our glamour retouching or beauty retouching gives your pictures a healthy shot of natural glamour. Better than on many promotional photos and in countless glossy magazines our image editors edit your pictures to a creative master glamour work! A photo shoot can run so professionally and yet the end product is far from the glamorous photo! Our image editors are able, with their “digital tools”, to give the brush and the paint the ultimate perfection. Nose retouching tooth retouching.

Highlights on the skin are removed, a face mask is applied and the skin is smoother! This is the process of a type wrinkle retouching. The light conditions are adjusted and the proportions of the face are corrected in a natural way! The nose is proportionally reduced by a targeted nose retouching and ears by a targeted ears retouching on request! The eyes are optically enlarged through targeted lighting, lips are fuller, the teeth are brightened by a perfect tooth retouching and the hair is also brought into shape by the “digital hairdresser”!

Professional photo retouching at Tradxcel Graphics Ltd.

Our image editors are specialized in the field of photo retouching and can give good tips and hints how photos can be modified by a balanced and effective photo retouching. In most cases, “less” photo retouching is “more”! The image editors of Tradxcel analyze the photos before each processing.

The photos are printed by the image editors and hung on a pin board. With the “classic pen” notes for the photo, retouching is noted in the photo. These notes can be compared with a map or route plan for the implementation of professional photo retouching.

Our glamour retouching is interesting for you if you really want to give your picture a very special glamour character. Our image editors can edit your image so that it gets glossy magazine character. It is also possible to adapt and change individual facial features. You can order the Glamour Retouching.