Great News! Safinus MVP is Ready.

Sep 12, 2018 · 4 min read

We are happy to announce that demo version of our platform now is live!

For the past months we have been working hard on releasing a stable version of our product, and now we can give you a glimpse of the future platform.

The demo version aims to display available functionality for a trader’s (or a fund manager’s) account, and contains most of the account’s functionality, along with a functioning funds rating.

To access the demo account use the following credentials: (“Try Demo” button)


Password: Password1

At the demo-server you can take a look at our development process and see live updates, which we do every week.

Warning! Do not send ANY funds to the wallets, that you can see in the Demo Account. That are “test wallets” and any funds you send there will be lost.

MVP Working Features

Funds Rating is calculated using our special funds rating mechanism — a set of formulas based on fund profitability and commissions, allowing us to provide investors with the most accurate picture on what funds they should better invest in.

For now, the ratings only consists of some example funds with test data, however, their parameters are already calculated using the real mechanisms, and are updated every month.

Every fund in the demo version has it’s own Fund Page, where a potential investor can get as much information as he needs in order to decide on investing into a fund. For now, it displays:

  • Information about the fund and its trading strategy;
  • The fund’s current structure, i.e. which cryptocurrencies it’s currently composed of;
  • Graphic display of the funds profitability and volatility;
  • Tendencies in the fund’s popularity among other investors;
  • Fund’s joining conditions.

The fund manager account in the demo consists of following features:

Exchange. The core of our platform, where a trader can access the biggest cryptocurrency markets, get updated on their parameters and see the current trends in real time. Our exchange currently works with the most popular markets, receiving real data from the top exchanges.

Dashboard. The trader’s starting page, where he can quickly get updated on the latest changes in his fund or trading portfolio.

My Fund. This section displays every available information about a fund. Here, a trader can set up information and a trading strategy about his fund, and see all the necessary information about his fund, such as:

  • Structure of his current fund portfolio;
  • His fund’s profitability and volatility;
  • Amount and tendencies in amount of investments;
  • Number and tendencies in investors joined;
  • Investors activity.

Every parameters is counted and every chart is built based on complicated formulas, that our analytics team designed in order to provide the most accurate picture of the fund’s performance.

User profile. We care about our future users’ security and personal appearance, so we have designed a profile page, where our users can customize their profile, and protect their accounts using 2FA. The 2FA can be set up both through SMS-confirmation and Google Authenticator.

Balance and Deposits. The trader can see the current balance in all his personal wallets on the platform, and proceed to deposit into them.

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