Du Bois encompasses both the mundane and the fantastical aspects of Afrofuturism in the praxis of his life’s work.

Image: W.E.B. Du Bois’ City and Rural Population data visualization (1890). Photo: Library of Congress.

The term Afrofuturism evokes a stellar litany: musicians Sun Ra and George Clinton along with novelists Octavia Butler and Samuel R. Delany. While in its early 1990’s debut, Afrofuturism was predominantly in the literary sphere, Afrofuturism’s mid-2000’s resurgence has shifted to the visual arts. Today, elements of Afrofuturism surface in multiple venues: in music videos, academic texts, and within museums and art galleries. …

Safiyah Cheatam

Baltimore-based conceptual visual artist, digital storyteller, and sci-fi enthusiast, using the lens/theory of mundane Afrofuturism to guide her works.

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