Care for others, tell them how are you interested in them?

This is the task given to me and I accepted it and i was very delirium to do this task. Firstly, I went to my Mom and ask her about her childhood, her story behind her marriage, her relationship with her brothers at the age of 15 and by telling these amazing stories my mom was feeling gleeful.

Secondly, I went to my friend and started telling about her, firstly she started argue with me but after few minutes she took it seriously and told me those thing which she never wanted to tell others or share with others. And after that she felt very happy and said me one thing which makes me happy “You are the one to whom I told my whole life in these 25 minutes.”

This task makes me happy and I feel that I can be some source of help to someone. I am very satisfy by doing this great job for others. This is the first task I took seriously and done for others.

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