Axioms of a Shit Theory

Feeling stuck in the status quo 
Like you cannot defy circumstances
You have skills and powers that just aren't very suited to your current fight

And you never saw this coming 
And this is not what you planned 
And you know deep inside that you have millions of dreams in you 
And the red button. The red button inside you that you thought no matter what you’re facing in life you know you can hit it and boom you’re in superman mode nothing is stopping you !
And now you feel like it’s all bullshit, a lie you kept telling yourself

Coz you see no button and you feel stuck as fuck !
No meditation no yoga no breathing is gonna solve it — you think.
So what do we do nothing is working huh?
You said detachment but I’m so immersed in THIS I’m paralysed and I cannot move and I can’t reach another state of mind.

Lungs shrinking and breath is out and heart is in angst.

A whirlwind that took over and you forgot when did you even lose that control over designing the zen lifestyle.

It feels worse than an office job, so much chaos here and there ! What’s even worse is that you cannot pin point the moment chaos passed the doorstep.

Not moving is killing me, it’s paining me and I cry coz there’s so much going on and yet nothing is moving so much going on right now and not a single thing I really wanted right now it’s just all trash trash trash !

And you see all the potential of great things coming yet you feel that’s too good to be true or at least you gotta take down mountains of effort before you see any of that.

Owning your shit .. Or not

What if this is all you got ?

What if from all the million dreams you have inside you nothing is coming true !

One thing for sure is life is never what you have in mind ! I always say that in the bottom of pessimism resides optimism, in the midst of darkness you will find that glimpse of light ! That glimpse that you will refuse because you are so attached to “how you want things to be “

So maybe you’re a mess right now ! Maybe you don’t like how your life is shaped or where things are going ? I won’t tell you to be grateful because how can you be when your mind is so attached to how you want everything to be ! All your senses are shutting off, you won’t let any idea get inside ! It’s all bullshit no matter what or who says it.


Owning your shit and sucking it up is not about being hard on yourself nor about blaming everyone around you ! Sometimes it’s about being shitty as you can be !

Other times it’s only about surrendering to what is, accepting that now life sucks and your frequency is low and you feel so stressed about it and the only thing you can do is surrender.

Surrender to what is.

Surrender and embrace how shitty it is

Surrender and curse out loud if you want to

Surrender and cry your heart out

Surrender and don’t wake up early

Surrender and don’t go to work

Surrender and eat that junk food

Surrender and breath

If this is all you got then there’s no point in trying to force things. Just try to change your angles. [Another Bullshit Idea of changing perspective huh..Just Fuck off .. and don’t close that bracket ..