Get through your work day

Some say you go to work to get paid, not to enjoy it. It’s meant to be hard. It’s meant to be boring. But there are definitely people I know who don’t feel that way. I do believe it comes down to mentality, I mean I am sure Aaron who trains people in retail 8 hours a day x 5 days a week doesn’t love every day. It’s a mindset he wakes up with. It’s knowing what he does pays for his rent in SW4. It’s the travel opportunity he gets with the company so he can enjoy meeting new people.

For the ones who aren’t quite there yet, there are other actions you can take to improve your work. I am also at a place in my career where I’m not always sure which route to take, however the points below have helped me improve my daily mentality and think clearly. That’s a step closer to the right direction!

  1. Wake up right: For me this means nice and early. We all know 5am — 8am is Prime Time for goal achievers! (I don’t necessarily mean be up at 5am). Just give yourself time to meditate for 5 mins and maybe fit in a 30 minute work out. Don’t snooze your alarm when it goes off and DO NOT start browsing social channels as soon as you open your eyes. Giving yourself the extra time in the morning starts you right for your day.
  2. Kill the notifications: It’s hurting your productivity! If you don’t want to turn off Whatsapp, then do it with the other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Remember if it’s important, someone will call you!
  3. It’s all about the mornings: According to science you are most productive in the morning so take advantage and do your most urgent tasks then. Your mornings will set the tone for your day so go and accomplish some amazing things!
  4. Time is money: Your time is valuable. It’s precious. This is one I am still learning, but get into the habit of saying no. Instead do things that will allow you to get ahead, be happy and smart. You won’t regret it, I promise!
  5. Clean your desk: I have shared my views on keeping things minimal before and it applies to your work life too. If you haven’t looked at that document in the past month you need to archive or shred. Any essentials can be kept in your cabinets. It just feels nicer.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things I am missing but these are basics that some people just don’t do anymore. London is a busy city and we are living the fast life. Take a step back and live slow, make your day a bit more meaningful.

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