A Goodbye Letter To The Boy Who I Thought I’d Never Say Goodbye To

At the end, it’s best to say goodbye.

photo via: Unsplash

Hey, you kinda suck.

But damn, you are cute at the same time too.

I gave you not only a second chance but third, fourth or even sixth? I know we were on and off, and sometimes I feel like maybe one day we can be together again.

But no, I know that I don’t want to put myself or someone that I care about through hell when the best is to just end it. Even though I am letting you go, I promise I won’t forget you.

One day, when you become a successful lawyer, I’d tell someone, “hey, I know him back in the day.”

You are one of the hardest-working people and most brilliant men I’ve ever met. The most important thing about you is that you don’t forget to stay humble. You can be annoying at times and you do things that I don’t like and you would always say sorry for being you.

Don’t say sorry for being yourself. I like you.

I know one thing though, we are both similar, but in such a different way. I think it is a beautiful thing. I can learn from you and you can learn from me. Though, sometimes it can be frustrating.

We were mean to each other for some period of time. But, you started it. Kidding, you triggered me though (that is also a joke).

I am sorry if I said cruel things or if ever my actions hurt you, I really did not mean it.

I will miss you so much and maybe I can’t really see you being happy too soon and meeting the girl that you would spend the rest of your life with. I know over time I will and I hope that you will take care of her because you are a big strong man.

I know you have an amazing heart, for your family, friends, and people in general.

Please shave your beard even when you are not seeing any woman. I know you always do. You take care of yourself and use that Old Spice cologne cause it smells nice… so nice.