Open Badges: We Got Your BACK —

If you know anything about my company 9Sharp and I, is that we love to integrate with the best website/social media sites out there. 9Sharp is well-known in the Personal Branding space as the only tool that combines the best of people’s social media accounts into one professional profile page that is always self-updating.

And like all startups, we started with the basics of any CV/Resume, we have job history, education, interests, etc, displayed in a beautiful page. BUT we didn’t want to bring the paper Resume online, that’s been done and is proving to be a failure. We want a live page with content that self-updates so you focus on your content and we make sure your profile looks awesome and you are focusing on what matter. So, it wasn’t long before we added YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, GitHub, Behance, Instagram and hundreds of others websites. Basically, we integrate with the best, we don’t want to replace them.

(if you haven’t heard of 9Sharp before, checkout my profile to see what I mean. click here and visit to setup a free account)

So, where do Open Badges come in? It was only 10 days ago, I was having a chat with a great guy by the name of Doug Belshaw; I asked Doug to tell me everything he knows about Open Badges and trust me when I tell you he knows a a lot. After 10 minutes, he had my world turned upside down. Here is a great idea, backed by Mozilla (yeah, the Firefox people) and has been around for more than 5 years and I couldn’t believe that I haven’t heard of it. It never hit my news feed on Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, not HuffPost and not the BBC and I read news for more than 2 hours everyday. Anyway, I was hooked. What a great idea.

However, here is what I realized quickly; Badges are GREAT, backed by incredibly smart people. But to get them adopted, they have a serious flaw in my opinion. I cannot imagine someone sending me a link to a page with a bunch of pictures prior to his job interview, that’s just ODD an frankly unexpected. I see badges as accessories. they are basically the equivalent of lipsticks, mascara, perfumes, creams, rings, bracelets, necklaces and other things that my wife has on her dresser and other things that I have no idea what they’re for. They are all part of the symphony that my wife leads every morning and every night. Without my wife, they are simple accessories, they look pretty sitting there but are only truly appreciated when she put them together.

Badges are just that, great accessories but when they are integrated as part of an online profile then we can truly appreciate them. For us, at 9Sharp, that was easy. We believe that a person’s professional profile is only complete when he or she can show in one page everything that makes them stand out.

In my Personal Page created and hosted by 9Sharp, I have everything that my CV should have and more. among my work history and skills, I have my Twitter feed, my Medium stories and my YouTube videos. And as soon as I earn some badges, I’ll add those into the mix.

Early this week, we started integrating with Mozilla Backbpack and are happy to say that it looks great in 9Sharp and like my wife’s symphony, badges are now part of a great portfolio that looks great and is always live and updated.

We have big plans for badges in 9Sharp and this first integration is but the beginning. I would love to hear from you on what you think of Open Badges.

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