BiSoga vs Bitly vs TinyURL

Which is the KING!?

So let’s start off with the rules: Firstly this cannot be based on how much the sites earn. Secondly the more domains the better. Thirdly any option to create a link yourself helps. The easier the custom alias works, the better.

Point System:
-More urls- 3 points PER URL 
-Custom Links- 5 points per LINK ABLE TO BE MADE FOR FREE
>Custom Sub-domains COUNT for this
-The custom alias- 2 points
-Extra features- 6 points PER FEATURE


First off we have to start with the fact that BiSoga has 7 domains to pick for free. That makes 21 points already. BiSoga also has 3 other features other than domain shortened free to use, another 18 points. 39 points total so far.

If you look in the file sharer. THERE IS 8 more LINKS!! With different sub-domains which add on another 24 points for BiSoga and another 3 points for the BiSoga Paste link they own. That is 66 beautiful points. BUT THERE IS MORE TO OFFER STILL!! ANOTHER 12 for API and ShareX support. Another 6 added on for the Discord bot. 84 points! Which is for the many domains, API, ShareX, the multiple features, and the Discord bot.


Well let’s start off with 10 points, one for links and the one custom link you get. 4 features (accounts, tracking, branding and optimization) which brings the total up to 34 points. And another 2 for custom alias. And Bitly hits a very low 36 points. As all the cool stuff have to be paid for.


Well, this is quite disappointing. 3 points for the 1 url. Another 2 for the custom alias. This was the saddest one yet. So yeah, this got 5 points total. Out of the group this one flopped.


Although me and the devs of BiSoga fought in the past, I will have to say. No matter how you look at it. BiSoga won out of these three companies.