What is Thanksgiving Without Shopping?

Imagine This:

It’s about six o’clock on thanksgiving and you’re still stuffed from all the food you’ve eaten. Your family, friends, and you are all sitting around the dinner table, which was filled with food a short time ago, looking through the latest and best black friday ads preparing for a long night. You start by putting your tennis shoes on because there may be some running, then go to your cross body purse because there is no time to carry one tonight, and finally to the car as everyone is piling in for an expensive night.

Everyone agrees that coffee must be the first stop because, of course, we will need all the caffeine we can get. We head to Walmart after our well deserved Starbucks stop for some of the best deals Black Friday has to offer. After about four hours of frantically running around the store & another hour of waiting in line, we’re ready for some food. Steak ‘n Shake is a Black Friday tradition so there is no doubt that will be our next stop. Everyone enjoys a huge meal, for the second time today, and is ready for more shopping.

The chaos of Black Friday is the best part of my Thanksgiving. I love being able to leave all of the children in the family at home with that dads while my sisters, my mom, and I go out searching for the best Christmas deals for the whole family. Could you imagine Thanksgiving without shopping? Because I definitely couldn’t.

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