i saw you yesterday

have i told you that i used to feel your presence once everywhere i went and spent my time?

i. you were being serious in front of your laptop that day, listening into michael buble’s to love somebody and i asked to you (but you couldn’t hear me because i was such a scare-cat to ask it: who do you love? who?)

then you were starting to be bored. instead of looking for some books to read, you asked me like i was away for years,

“how have you been, sa?”

but i wasn’t going away. never. you are the one who’s far from me right now.

so i

couldn’t help but smile.

ii. once, i felt hungry in the middle of my way to went home. i imagine at that emergency time, you’d come to me and ask what do i want. surely, i’d shake my head, said i wasn’t starving but you would buy food that i am not into it, because it had strange taste.

but that food now taste like longing and waiting and i don’t mind to eat it again with you one day.

since i was hungry, i went to nearest food court and the song was about you. (if i start to imagine you were in front of me, giggling, do you imagine the same thing too? because the way you giggled recorded perfectly inside my heart)

iii. that damned ship. i like the way you take care of your belongings (am i belong to you as well?). i saw you on that ship. i was below you, sunk between the mass of people, hoped that you’d jump and like heroic scenes, you’d save me. but you weren’t. you were busy with other belongings. (but that’s okay, i still like you anyway).

vii. seven is my favorite number. it brings me luck.

you are my favorite person.

but you aren’t just the luck i got. not even a jackpot.

you are a mere blessing to me, so i thank my God because of you.

i’d say that you don’t bring me luck and golden pot. instead, you bring me happiness.

and i see you,

at every giggle i let out.

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