In this article series sagar jaybhay explain Cloud Computing from basic to advance level.

Now in this era, if you check cloud computing is everywhere and most of the applications use the cloud. Now everyone using cloud-based applications one and another way like we use Gmail, video streaming apps like that. Remember that not all clouds are the same and no single type of cloud computing fits all requirements.

Cloud Providers:

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Microsoft
  4. IBM

Now If you check different kind of industry which are run by the application at a backend like

Banking, Hotel, Healthcare, Finance and Aviation, and many more…

In this article, we will understand Union, Intersect, and Except clause in SQL Server. Also, we will see the difference between Intersect and Union in SQL Server. Also, the difference between Join with Intersect by Sagar Jaybhay

The intersect operator retrieves the common records between the left and right queries of the intersect operator.

  1. This is introduced in SQL Server 2005.
  2. The number of columns and order of columns should be the same.
  3. The data types must be the same or least compatible.
  4. It filters duplicate records and selects only distinct records that are common in the left and right…

In this article we will understand cursor in rdbms in our case we show example on SQL Server By Sagar Jaybhay. Also we will understand Merge statement in SQL Server and rerunnable SQL scripts and How to create a stored procedure with an optional parameter?

Cursors In RDBMS

In a relational database management system takes into consideration then it would process the data in sets inefficient manner.

But when you have a need to process the data row by row basis then the cursor is the choice. …

In this article you will understand importance of mainly used terms in Angular 9 by Sagar Jaybhay. You will understand Components, Modules, How angular 9 works?

Angular 9

Angular is binding frameworks. It helps us to bind view and model. In angular, you can have multiple apps inside the src folder.

In this article we will understand What is the purpose of Html helpers in MVC by Sagar Jaybhay.

What is an Html Helper?

Html helper is a method that is used to render HTML content in a view. Html helpers are implemented using an extension method.

If you want to create an input text box with id=email and name is email

<input type=text id=email name=email value=''/>

This is all Html we need to write by using the helper method it becomes so easy


It will generate textbox control whose name is email.

If we want to assign the value of the textbox with some…

In this article we will understand How Conventions Used In MVC to Find View By Sagar Jaybhay.

See the above image in this we are creating Index methods below is code for that.

public ActionResult Index(string EmpID) { Employee employee = new BusinessLogic .Business().GetEmployee(EmpID); return View(employee); }

In the above code, we don’t use view names we simply use view and pass employee object to that view. So the question is how MVC knows which view is call and display?

Which location MVC used to find view. For understanding this we create one method in our EmployeeController whose…

CTE (common table expression) and Updatable CTE you will understand this in this article by sagar jaybhay in depth.

CTE (common table expression)

CTE Introduced in the SQL serve r 2005.

CTE is like a temporary result set which is defined within the execution of the current context or execution scope of single select, insert, update delete and create view statement.

It is similar to a derived table and it is not stored as an object like other objects in the SQL server.

Remember CTE table is created with the keyword.

with CTEtable
select d.Department_Name as deptname, COUNT(e.empid) as empcount from Department as d
join Employee…

In this article we will understand Working With Multiple Tables In MVC(Asp.Net) By Sagar Jaybhay.

Working with Multiple Tables in MVC

Now we are creating an Employee table with the Department ID field added in the Employee table and another table is created which is Department below having syntax for both tables.

create table Employee (
EmpName VARCHAR(50),
EmpSalary DECIMAL(8,2),
EmpGender VARCHAR(50),
EmpCity VARCHAR(50),
EmpEmail VARCHAR(50),
DepartmentID INT
create table Department (
DepartmentID INT,
DepartmentName VARCHAR(50)

For both table insert data script is attached to here

insert into Department (DepartmentID, DepartmentName) values (1, 'Product Management');
insert into Department (DepartmentID, DepartmentName) values (2, 'Engineering');

In this article we will understand In Depth about Cookies in JavaScript. By reading this article you will able to create Cookies, Delete Cookie By Sagar Jaybhay.

If you see web application works on HTTP protocol and the HTTP protocol is a stateless protocol. The meaning of this is when we request some data, web page after filling some information on the webpage the webserver does not remember anything about that request after processing that request but we want our web application to remember users choice.

This means if I fill my first name on the page after the subsequent…

In this article we will learn How to generate HyperLink In MVC(Asp.Net MVC) by Sagar Jaybhay.

For this, we need to use Html.ActionLink helper function is used to generate an action link. To understand this better we get first 100 employee list where contain only EmployeeID hyperlink after clicking on this link you will able to access all the details about that EmmployeeID.

For this, we create one action method in our EmployeeController which return a list of ID view and If you click on that you will be redirected to Index view which takes one parameter EmpID and displays…


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