7 Ways to promote your Software Testing Services

Software testing is booming quickly. It’s spreading like the fire in the forest. Software development companies have realised the need for testing.

Sagar Shah

All this have happened already. What’s happening now is increasing the popularity of software testing start-ups. I can see lot number of people are coming up with the idea of running a successful software testing companies. That is mainly because of two reasons:

* Everyone needs testing, and there is more demand than supply.

* Lot of money. The IT market is losing billions of dollars due to lack of testing, and so they are ready to spend millions to save those billions.

Why does a company need testing? Well, that’s a different story. But start-up enthusiasts have learnt that everyone needs testing, whether its product based company or service based business. These companies are willing to outsource testing portions because by outsourcing they don’t only save massive sum on training and maintaining human resource but they also get honest, dedicated and accurate reports from the experts.

If you are thinking to start a testing company well it’s not too late, the market is still growing slowly, so its right time to get in and build your legacy. I would recommend you to go for it.

If you have decided to start a testing company or already have one, then read on.

It’s natural for founders of software testing company to sit idle and doesn’t get many projects. Trust me there are 100 other founders just like you, and some are planning to give up. The fact is since it is a new market they are not able to market themselves or reach the potential customers.

They are experts in testing the software, but when it comes to marketing their services, they are not able to reach the benchmark. Probably you are one of them, you have tried everything and still not able to penetrate the market.

Following are the ways to promote your software testing services:

1. Create a website with the call-to-action:

The software testing companies have well designed attractive websites; some even have it with the tested user experience. But what they lack is the call-to-action. They don’t have the contact form which is readily visible to eyes.

2. Not targeting right audience:

It is the mistake what many do. They write articles on testing, but they try to focus the people who are related to testing. They should be targeting the ones who can be the potential customer like the CEO of software development company or the owner of the software. As the founder of software testing company, you should be targeting the people who develop software or the owners directly who is getting the software developed. Probably you know this already, but are you doing this? That is the question you should be asking yourself whenever you are thinking to get more testing projects.

3. SEO:

You know this already. And you must be writing an article, creating videos and what not. But are you creating the content which will help your prospects? You should create the material which will add value to your prospects and then they will understand your need. For instance: If you are targeting medical software company, then instead of writing about your knowledge on Selenium, write how you use Selenium tool to test the medical software, or how can Selenium help comprehensively test medial software. This will show that you are responsible and will strategically test the prospect’s software. Also writing about your knowledge of the prospect’s industry will help. It will boost your credibility.

4. YouTube Channels:

These are the right platform to show off your skills on Selenium and various testing tools. You can also create an explanatory video on how you are better at testing then competitors.

5. Attend meetings:

This is the place where you will close the deal. This is the very crucial part. You need to show your presence, which you are proactive and genuinely interested in their project. You can attend the meetings where decision maker of your target company is also participating. Then in the networking session go and introduce yourself, if its second meeting tries to build the rapport, the best way to build the rapport is to find some common ground and talk to him. By this, you will not only make a new friend but will also get the project.

6. Hire marketing team:

If you think that you are the coder and marketing or inter-personal skills is something that is not your cup of coffee. Then hire a marketing manager or outsource your marketing. By outsourcing, you can reduce the risk by giving away the percentage of your earnings. The marketing company will take care of all the headache, and you merely have to believe them and wait for them to get your projects, but keep in mind that sharing percentage have low risk but will cost you more than what you will spend by outsourcing with the fixed price. You can work out what works best for you and go for the ideal choice.

7. Ask potential prospects to try you:

Finally, if nothing works, you can also build the trust by going in long-term. This less motivating and requires a lot of patience. You can ask the prospects to try your service for a month or a quarter term. And work out the pricing which works best for you. In the worst case, you will be signing a deal, where you will be paid on the basis of the number of bugs you detect. And once the trust base is built you can re-negotiate the agreement. This approach will require a lot of patience and time. And will generate profit only after some time.

How are you promoting your services? Which approach works for you? Or, is there an approach you think should be added here?

Let me know in the comments section below.

This article was originally written by me for Publicity Port.

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