“Will someone love me? Will they keep loving me?”

There are people in this world who are quite comfortable with self-love and self-acceptance. It is really a gift. They give importance to themselves, their thoughts and feelings. They take care of themselves better. They are less afraid of showing up in their authenticity. They do things with a whole lot of confidence, even though wrong at times. Of course, they have no issues accepting affections from people, and there is actually always somebody falling for them. They truly believe that they deserve affection and love from the world. …

Let's fully accept that we all go through bad feelings, no matter how much we try to avoid them.

Even if we think that at some point in our lives we will learn to avoid them completely, we are wrong. Bad feelings are going to come. But the good thing is, they are also not going to last, if we let them go.

We live in a society where we have separated feelings into two: good and bad. We are somehow pressured by the society to only express our good feelings, and supress the bad ones, as if we are…

In the middle of the Amazon forest, Alter do Chão is beautiful place with sweet water beaches and awe-inspiring landscapes formed by the river called ‘Tapajos’. This video is taken from one of the days that I spent there.
It is very sad that even the Amazon is not left alone by the human activities and our disregard for nature.

I am worried, about us, the people, and the planet.

Actually I am not just worried about the planet, I am hurt. I see myself surrounded by wood, in all directions, in all corners, above and below. I wonder sometimes…

In a new city, all by myself,
no longer I judge people judging me,
no longer I care about what I am projecting.

I can truly be who I am,
or I can choose to be whomever I want.

I can walk around in my glory and pride,
or carry along my fears and tears.

It’s almost as if I were invisible.

Recently I moved to Florianópolis, Brazil. I feel lonely sometimes, and I miss my friends a lot, even though I met some amazing people here.

I am constantly finding my self avoiding social opportunities here, so I can…

and with you, I’m a man

Like a leaf falling from a tree, ever so gently, meeting some random part of the ground, you met me.

It didn’t take much longer for the winds, to take you somewhere else. But it was long enough to fill my heart with your beauty.

It was long enough, to fill my eyes with dreams, to replace my doubts with beliefs, to be inspired, to imagine, to sail the atlantic ocean with you, to sing and dance with you, to feel sexual and strong, to be vulnerable yet wild.

You call me a wizard…

Is the title really that surprising? You know this fact already don’t you?

You are dying, and I am not talking about smoking, drinking, or hurting your body in other ways.

You are dying, and I am not talking about being sad, depressed, bored or hurting your heart in any other ways.

You are dying, because the ultimate truth of life, is death. It is the one and only destiny that we all living beings are pursuing.

With every breath you take, you come one step closer to death.

Whether you even consider it or not, you are dying, and…

Sagar Chandarana

Multi-passionate entrepreneur. http://sagar.ch

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