HTML5 Video Player Beta Begins Today
Noreen McInnis

Couple of days ago I watched twitch stream of HEARTHSTONE game official twitch channel using this code [ ] just replace the “channel name in between = and & . And after I stopped watching somehow I got html5 option enabled by default and I could watch html5 on normal link too. I tried watching twitch on my desktop with same account but html5 option was not enabled. I formatted my laptop to reinstall windows 10 and after installation found that html5 option is no longer available in the laptop too. Is it a cookie thing ? Is it temporary thing ? No, not at all. If you block or disable flash player you can watch twitch in html5 by default even if html5 option doesn’t show.

I can watch twitch without flash player installed.

I enabled chrome extensions for opera and then installed flashcontrol extension for opera and then I had to click on flash button to play the video. Why is it working when I disable flash? I don’t understand.

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