Looking up!

It was a lazy Sunday morning, I’d decided to go to college, No! Not for attending boring lectures but to capture some beauty in college campus, as memories, as its my last year.

Half eyes open, I somehow managed to reach college. Later I realized no girl is there as it was a holiday.:p But then what does beauty has to do with girls?!(Nothing! :p) Laziness was taking control of my head, and I was pondering about my life after grad school. Meanwhile I found myself lying on the green, velvety, verdant lawn under a tall peepal tree(Ficus religiosa or sacred fig) having phone in my hand and scrolling through one post after another on social media. New green bed was giving me more comfort than my sleepwell bed at my home. Morning breeze making me feel sleepy again, and I accidentally turned on the camera on my phone while scrolling through Facebook posts. Voila! The beauty was on my phone screen. And I captured it.

Trees here are quite tall. It’s beautiful!

That lazy Sunday morning taught me to look up. I wandered in campus looking up towards patterns. I captured some beauty that day which I’m sharing here with you. That day taught me life which no other weekday did in my entire life.

Leaf-less tree carry it’s own beauty .The tree glows when the sun breaks through the leaves.
Think about standing on your feet and looking up. (Patterns)

Learning of the day:

No amount of knowledge and learning can give me the true sense of peace or happiness unless it is enlivened by real first hand experience.I am my own teacher.- Hermann Hesse,Siddhartha

Once in a while look up.Beauty lies in looking up. We need to think deeply about it,and look at it with open mind. Stay close to nature.