VOIP based attacks with Phone bombing tools

Screenshot of the Call / SMS Bomber website for Phone / Call flood:

A VoIP attack or “Call Flooding” is a typical example of cybercrimes on rise. Last year has observed a hike in the “Phone bombing attack” and has developed a strong support community. The development in these cyber attacking protocols are a clear indication that the business model on which these tools are developed needs victims to earn the revenues. This is what is being noticed by cyber-security experts, the cyber-criminals are on lookout for potential victim, it may be and individual or an organization from attacking them, they earn the revenues.

What happens in Phone bombing or Call Flooding?

An example of cyber-attack tool like Call/Text bomber has recently been identified in 2017. It floods the victims mobile phone with calls and SMS again and again. As the target answers the call, it ends and then the call cycle begins again for continuous 24 hours. This malicious service is getting mainstream attention for targeted attacks on innocent people and networks.

Current status of Photo Bombing tools:

A huge surge in the online availability of the malicious tools has been observed by cyber security experts. Few years back the services were available only to a closed community dealing extensively under cover in cyber-crimes. The availability of these tools like Call/Text bomber at just $125 for a week proves that the people are at an open threat of cyber-criminals who then become difficult to track.

The developers are openly advertising these tools. Below screen shot says a lot about how publicly the developers of such malicious tools are publicly promoting the services. Check out the bold statements the vendor is using “Call or text your target to death for 1 Week”. It is being used by cybercriminals to:

1) Cash-out schemes: Few cases cropped up where a banking transaction was in process. The attack was initiated with the call flooding. It stopped the bank from reaching out the customer while the cyber-criminal redirected the amount to some other account. This is often referred by cyber security teams as DoS-ing (Denial of Service).

2) Heat up the phone and kill the battery with tools like Call/Text bomber that makes continuous calls for 24 hours and send text after every 5 seconds.

3) Target competitor phone lines to keep them occupied and make them loose business.

Same Author selling Call and Text Bomb for 150 Euro over Dark Web Marketplace.

Description of the Call/Text bomber service:

1) Free version 24 hours free.

2) One Week for $125 fee.

3) Free samples.

4) Access to Bombing Tool at some extra charges.

With social engineering becoming more prevalent, photo bombing service provider criminals are now using male or females voices on rent for payment processing in case of a bank account attack.

Types of VoIP flooding’s:

While Call/Text Bomber is associated with Call flooding and SMS attacks, these attacked are categorized as

1. Valid or invalid registration Bombing: Attacker uses this method to degrade the server performance. With invalid registration bombings, the server performance is badly impacted and can impact the business in negative light.

3. Call Bombing: An attacker like Callbomber helps an attacker take control of invalid calls to drive the victim crazy. Some people even end up changing the phone numbers itself.

4. SMS Bombing: The attacker uses VoIP to SMS attack the victim. SMSbomber is so capable it can send SMS after every 5 seconds.

5. Server bombing: When a server is bombed with invalid registrations, it can cause heavy usage of resources like CPU, memory and bandwidth causing the website server to end with messages like such as “401 Unauthorized,” “404 Not Found,” “400 Bad Request,”.

March 2017, had witnessed two such incidents where 911 lines were hacked by ghost calls and the individuals looking for urgent help could not reach 911. This was noticed while the T-Mobile users where trying to reach 911 and faced long queues of 30 mins to get through.

Such severe is the impact of these malicious software apps is — 2 innocent lives were lost because 911 could not be reached timely. The national cyber security teams are regularly keeping watch on web to identify such cyber-criminals like Call/Text bombers who are trying to paralyze the national set ups.



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