Adding Material UI to our ReactJS Project

This is a followup tutorial from first post, however you can still take the concepts and apply to your exsisting ReactApplication.

Material-ui is a library which implements the Google material design specification.

Install the material ui to our exsisting application

npm install material-ui — save

If you see an error like below for “UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY” just run “npm install react-tap-event-plugin@^1.0.0 — save”. This will install the required dependency for node to resolve both in the node_modules and will list it as an explicit dependency in the package.json because of the — save flag.


Let’s configure MUI (will refer Material-UI…

This is an absolute beginner tutorial to setup a ReactJS project in the next post we will add Material-UI to our project, however I will not get into a lot of ReactJS and how it works, I do expect you to know the basics of ReactJS. It is going to be a series of articles through which we will build a Music Player application by the end of the series.

The Stack that we will use

Front end stack

ReactJS & ReactNative — For the web we choose ReactJs & ReactNative for the mobile layer. I am not going to get into an…

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