When a Stranger Helps you…

Random act of Kindness .Real life incident.

It’s night here… and went out on my friend’s really expensive apache bike to get some printouts. He asked me to get some petrol from the fuel station.I had to stop there since there is no fuel station in the 10 miles radius except that one.I was in hurry, so I turned the fuel in reserve and I started driving.After a while I realised that I forgot my phone at home.I looked at the fuel indicator, the yellow blinking light showed me that it was very low. So I rushed.It was around 10 PM so I wanted to reach to the shop quickly. It was too dark and the shop was 7 Kms away.

I was driving but thinking that whether I will reach the shop or not. After driving for 2 Km I realised that I drove past the fuel station I looked at the fuel indicator and saw that it was still blinking ,but much faster now.

So, I took the chance and rather than turning around I kept going. After driving in the dark for the next 4–5 Km I saw the light coming out of the shop.It was still open.It was happy that finally I was not late.I stopped the bike & the fuel indicator was still blinking fast. I went inside, there was no one except the shopkeeper.I asked him, that I need a printout. He said we are closing, I said that please, it is urgent I really need this but he was like NO Sorry Sir, we are closing.I was really frustrated.

So I had to come out thinking that if was only few minutes earlier and nowadays people are just so arrogant and no one will help anyone if anybody needed. Since it was a festival night all the other shops were closing.I turned ON the ignition and hoping that the bike starts and it did but i could still see the indicator blinking. I turned the bike around and now I had to go back as fast as possible because I didn’t wanted to drag the bike to the home which was 7 Km away.Now, I was driving as fast as I could to reach the fuel station. I was a frustrated driver now, driving reckless and really fast.The light was still blinking, after driving for a while and hoping that today will not be my worst day. The engine stopped and my patience too.I tried to accelerate but no, there was no response from the engine. Now the bike was running only because of the left inertia.After running for awhile it stopped.I tried to start the engine again but it didn’t. Now, there was no option left forme, I had to drag the bike with me. I was frustrated and felt like that “now it is officially, the worst night ”. After dragging the bike for around 300 meters or so. I realised that three guys riding on a bike and coming towards me. As they came near me they slowed the bike down & started driving near me. There was no other person on that street except for four of us. I knew that, this is not going to end well for me tonight. So, I prepared myself in my mind that now you have to fight.Thinking that WTF is happening. They suddenly stopped the bike in front of me.I jammed the brakes. I was now really angry and scared too.

One guy stood off the bike and turned towards me. I was ready to the fight and the guy said “Brother, do you need any help?”. I was thinking like really? he thinks that he will be able to trick me by giving me “The Fake Help”.

I said, No.I don’t need any help. And kept dragging my bike.I knew that they will come back and they did. The same guy again reached me and said, the fuel station is 2 Km away.I saw here and there and there was no one. Now I had to make a decision that should I drag the bike for the next two Kms or should I take a chance by taking “help” from these strangers. I realised that I had to take a chance. So, I said Ok but how.The driver said,Don’t worry we will help out.The guy jumped back on the bike with his two friends. Then the guy drove his bike behind mine and kept his one leg on the silencer of my bike and started pushing it by accelerating his own vehicle. As I was trying to control the balance of the bike, I started to realise that they are genuinely helping me out. I felt l little relaxed and calm as we arrived to the fuel station They just pushed me towards the station and said “OK,bye” without expecting any thank you or appreciation for going out of their way to help a stranger. I replied, thank you but they were gone by then.

I filled some fuel and started driving back to my home. While I was driving I was thinking that what a dufus I am. That how our mind gets manipulated and corrupted by our past bitter experience that you can’t even see the good gestures that someone is offering you. I felt a positive wave in me.

Moral of the Story : Don’t let your mind get corrupted by the past bitter experience that you had because who knows, it might turn out to be “officially the best time you had” in days .
P.s. I didn’t write this story for views. I just wanted to record this positive memory.
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