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sagar Bhateja
May 25 · 4 min read

Here square measure some lessons I’ve learned that I feel each developer, particularly new developers, has to grasp.

No one is aware of everything

No developer is aware of everything and you don’t ought to grasp everything.

There is such a lot to be a developer than knowing by memory, for instance, the strategies of manipulating arrays in PHP version 5.6. It doesn’t matter if you recognize the insufficient things, they’re a google search away if you forget them.

There square measure much more necessary stuff you will do as a developer to boost yourself than learning these little insignificant details like,

  • Improving your problem-solving skills
  • Improving your cooperation and communication skills
  • Increasing your data improvement ideas and languages
  • Creating awful comes to showcase your work
  • Focusing on writing clean economical code
  • The great factor concerning being a developer is that you just don’t ought to grasp everything. you simply ought to acumen to resolve issues.

Having bugs is crucial to learning
If you’re programming one thing and you’re not envisioning any bugs, it means that you’re learning nothing.

Not running into bugs doesn’t mean that you’re somehow a good developer as a result of you’re too good to form a slip-up. It implies that you’ve already developed one thing similar, such a large amount of times, that you just already acumen to not run into the bugs.

When you’re finding bugs you’re turning into a powerful developer. There square measure endless bugs in development, that the quicker you’ll be able to learn to handle them, the higher off you’ll be.

Formal education isn’t necessary
At 17, I’m presently grappling with this subject. ought to I attend university thus I will acquire a computing degree?

That’s a tricky question on behalf of me to answer. But, the general public reading this square measure in all probability, not seventeen, in fact, most of you most likely have already got employment.

If you’ve got already attended faculty or university, you actually don’t want a computing degree. you furthermore may don’t ought to do all of those writing boot camps either.

A GitHub profile with some attention-grabbing comes on that speaks volumes. If {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} demonstrate that you just can program, it doesn’t matter what background you’ve got.

It’s merely a matter of however does one learn best.

I didn’t have the selection, I had to find out to code on weekends as a result of I couldn’t take half a dozen weeks off of high school for an encampment. 🤷‍♂️

If you wish to travel back to college to induce a computing degree or attend Associate in Nursing 8-week encampment, go for it. however, it’s obscurity on the brink of necessary.

Googling could be a legitimate ability
If you wish to be a good developer, you may enhance your googling ability. It’s essential to be ready to realize solutions and code that you just square measure trying to find.

There is frequent googling, particularly once you’re learning a spanking new technology.

There square measure many alternative ways that to boost your search results through very little “hacks” and tips Google has found out.

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Try thinking rather than coding
When you’re coding, do you ask yourself, “what’s the best way to write this code?”

I know I usually don’t until after I’ve written a subpar solution. Far too often, I find myself writing the solution that first popped into my head. Most of the time, the first solution to the problem isn’t the best.

The act of typing out the code is short. Anyone can write code quickly that will be sloppy. You need to take the time to come up with a good stable solution.

Though it can be tedious, test driven development promotes this greatly as you have to think about what functionality you expect and how it’ll work. You can’t freehand the code when you have to plan it ahead of time.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. I’m not saying you should sit quietly and think about every line of code.

But, with anything, save yourself the time of refactoring and bug fixing by thinking about your code.

Be careful with tutorials

Following along with a coding tutorial is great for starting out, but I think these tutorials are not the only resource you should use for learning.