Five Types of Shoes Men Can’t Do Without

Shoes are to men what arrows are to Robin Hood, the ultimate weapon, in this case, a sartorial weapon of choice. Shoes have this incredible ability to make or break an attire. They are what you call, ‘cherry on the cake’. That’s why we wear them at the end, they add that finishing touch, like that cherry.

A modern man’s wardrobe must have shoes which make him shine at that meeting or keep his feet comfortable on the treadmill. Yet, shopping shoes for men can become cumbersome with the array of options available. Colour, patterns, designs, shapes; it’s a task to pick the right one. Fret not, keeping all these options in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the pairs every man must own.

  1. Oxfords

It could be your first interview or a meeting with the business head or CEO A good impression is what you need to cast on people and the best way to do that, especially in the workplace is with a pair of classic black Oxfords. Pair them with suits for that presentation or wear them at that wedding, Oxfords will never fail in casting that classy impression.

2. Athletic Shoes

Straight from the heights of formal footwear to the ones on the ground, athletic shoes are your best bet when you want to get a sweat running. You can run on the treadmill or after your child at the park, these shoes will make sure to keep your foot comfortable. While the classic ones are in black or grey, a good way to add some colour to your workout attire would be a cool pair in green or that shiny blue which catches everybody’s eye.

3. Sneakers

Sneakers are what you wear when you want to relax and dress down. Colourful, fun, and full of colours, they are super comfortable and go with most outfits; even suits! (We are looking at you, Tony Stark). They come in all colours and designs, go for a pair of classic black and a pair of funky designs, they will light up your trips to the bar with your buddies.

4. Boots

Smart, stylish, and tough. They are your best friends during the winters and on that trek you always wanted to go to. Make sure to buy the ones which feel comfortable when worn in; these are footwear for the long run, invest in a good pair and they will last you for a long time.

5. Brogues

You can spot a brogue shoe in a jiffy by the patterns on a shoe. These patterns were first designed to allow water to drain out from the shoes, today they are a distinctive style statement. They go well with formals and casuals; choose a study one in brown and see the world marvel at them.

You are set if you’ve got these set of shoes in your wardrobe. Now, you can either go shopping at malls or go online footwear shopping at places like Metro shoes or Amazon; remember to pick the right size and colour, and most important; you feel comfortable in them.