Friday Afternoon Surprise

Fridays. Bad news seems to come on Fridays, usually after the markets close. Make’s sense, we wouldn’t want to rile up the vultures any more than they need to be.

Many Friday mornings I wonder, what will today’s dose of discontent be? Terrorist Attack, Natural Disaster? Nah, those happen randomly. The Friday Surprise is not random. It is always planned and calculated.

Week after week, the odds of a major bombshell affecting our senior leadership are increasing. Love him or loath him, controversy seems to be a tie around his neck. He is almost always wearing a tie.

As his influence, integrity and power wane so to does his usefulness. The confidence he garners is increasingly becoming limited in scope to those eagerly clicking the heart icon. A click which only carries weight in a shallow hall of naivete.

With a lack of usefulness comes a lack of leverage and leverage is one of his favorite tools. One can only wonder what degrees of leverage others might have over him. Whatever those forms of leverage may end up being, they will probably end up seeing the light of day sooner rather than later.

Whatever Friday Surprise(s) we end up getting served, we should expect it to be more appalling or anger inducing than anything that came before.

Again I wonder, what surprise does today have in store?

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