Friday, May 12th

Six days into my 100 word challenge. I skipped a day or two this week, but I also posted a 5000 word technical article on Wednesday. Granted, I had started that article the week prior. The article had required editing and revising, which I wrapped up over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Friday’s are always interesting days for me. They are the day of the week that I reflect back on the events of the previous week. They are also the day of the week that I plan which projects I will implement over the weekend.

The nature of many of the projects I work on can be quite disruptive to other people. As a result, many of these projects are better completed during off hours when my colleagues are not actively working. Contrary to what some of my co-workers may think, I prefer to disrupt their daily routines as little as possible.

This Friday, thus far, seems to be no different.