Project due!

Or should I call it, Project due? It is hard to say. Most projects do have some level of flexibility in their due dates. This projects deadline really is more a proof of concept than a hard deadline. It is still “due” though either way.

The project is ready though. It still needs some tweaking, but this type of project will always need tweaking and changing anyway. The flexibility of the implementation is one that allows for that though. Long term flexibility contributes immensely to the overall level of success of most technical projects.

I fear that this project will suffer in the same way most of my projects end up suffering these days. As has been the trend recently, this project was worked on in isolation. It isn’t a secret project, I actually don’t believe in secret projects. I fear this project will suffer from the same “no one knows anything about it” trope that has been used before.

This project has been discussed openly with key members for the past few weeks. Open discussion of a key new direction should warrant some conversation from other stakeholders, right? Surely they know this project would impact in them some way?

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Crickets. Silence. Nothing. As has been the norm, no additional team members asked any questions about this project. Another thing that doesn’t break the wall of silence that I usually encounter. Why, again, did no one ask me any questions about what I am working on?

I hope I am wrong. I would prefer to be wrong. A part of me is wishing for it. Let’s see what happens, maybe the future is not as predictable as I currently think it is.