Mega-storm packing 150 mph winds and 50-foot waves set to pummel West Coast
Kevin Thomas Hulten

Calamity Kevin Hulten

Oh Kevin, I did some investigating about you and found some mighty interesting things, such as how you made claims that you were a government whistleblower set on rooting out a supposed conspiracy against your former boss involving Herald investigative reporters and county prosecutors, only to have the county spend nearly $35,000 on an independent attorney to investigate your claims and determine they were baseless.

It truly leaves me wondering when you were able to be trained as a “ FEMA-certified disaster PIO” as you claim?

Perhaps it was after you plead guilty to criminal evidence tampering in Block v Snohomish County case after receiving a “litigation hold” defense.

I’d really like to bust your chops on your claims of this “mega-storm packing 150 mph winds and 50-foot waves” which are supposed to pummel Washington this weekend, but then realized maybe why you made such exaggerated claims involving the Evergreen state is because you know your troubles have yet to begin.

Being sued for racketeering in US Federal Court with depositions expected to begin late this year or during the first quarter of 2017 must be quite stressful, so perhaps if you write it, it will hopefully come true washing away all your woes.

But as it was written in the Gold Bar Reporter stupid is as stupid does and this article you shared here is only you having a delusional moment to seek attention from a new audience. Heck, it sure does make for a great click-bait headline suckering people in for the read, but what amazes me the most is that you provide links to reputable sources that refute what you shared, I can’t see the logic in your reasoning.

So with the Herald, Gold Bar Reporter and the Snohomish County Reporter pimp slapping your name around the web over your past errors in judgement, I will say no more other than I hope you find real focus in your life, along with integrity and honor…because it doesn’t seem you have any for Washington State, it’s political officials or citizens.