3 Words

Let me guess, you’re thinking about those three words now, but actually I mean ‘You suck, man!’. Of course, I mean ‘I love you’!

Don’t ask me why I suddenly talk about ‘love’; I don’t really know how to explain it, to be honest. Maybe because I haven’t been in a relationship since October 2014? Okay, those two weeks don’t count, so 10 years, I think.

10 years? Yes, that’s when I had my first crush; and my first boyfriend. Kevin. We didn’t really broke up; we just stopped hanging out for no reason. I met him a few months ago… holy shit, he’s very hot! When did that happen? Also, Robin (yes, my ‘future husband’) told me Kevin was kind of dating his sister. Thanks for the gossip stuff, dude!

conclusion: I do miss him, I have to admit. Basically because he’s a very cool person (and I still remember his birthday).

October 2014; first seminar. So many stupid people who aren’t even interested in biology. I automatically became part of the loser squad (Pierre, the cool Max, the asshole Max a.k.a. my ex, BVB fan Anne. that horse kid Lisa, Stefanie — kind of, and me). I still don’t know how I managed to develop a crush on that loser but it happened. And we ended up dating for literally only two weeks! Did you know; 3 months later he texted me that he wants me back. Seriously, dude?! Luckily, he quit his social year, so I don’t have to see him at seminar.

conclusion: What a waste of time and feelings! I’d rather date Justin Bieber than someone like him (again)!

And now: forever alone!?

That’s what I assume as I’m not very popular in real life. Most guys try to avoid me. It probably would hurt more if they actually had a beautiful personality. But somehow I seem to be attractive to an other generation, which is… weird. I mean, they’re younger than me and they don’t even know what ‘love’ is?! It’s quite amusing how they try to get my attention, seriously! Well, who knows; maybe one of them will be my future love interest…?

But what do I do now? The answer: I’m enjoying my life as a single. Although I’d like to be in a relationship, it’s also nice to be ‘free’. By the way, one of my friends gets jealous as soon as someone tries to flirt with me. Just because we got married in a game called ‘Pet Party’. Nice.

My love life is pretty boring, I know. Currently, I have a huge crush on someone from work… *cough* but I won’t tell them those three words; not yet.