Insisting that another player receive a penalty is also USC.
Joe Christensen

Except, I never said that. I never once, both in what I wrote or what happened, said to Casey Brefka (the head judge of the event) “this player came over to me and asked to grope me. He deserves USC-Major.” In fact, where I tell this part of the story, I say this:

“ So, I walked up to Casey Brefka: the head judge of the SCG Syracuse Open. I explained to him what happened. He said he would take care of the situation. As a judge myself, I knew that this was a case of USC: Major. Of course, since I was not a judge on staff, I have no input in the investigation or the ruling or the penalty.”

How did you extrapolate from this that I asked for him to receive USC? When I said that as someone who was not a judge on staff I have no input on the penalty, investigation, or ruling?

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