So, by “putting your foot down” and continuing to escalate the issue after learning about the…
Joe Christensen

First of all, this wasn’t a judge I was talking to. I was talking to Patrick Vorbroker who was SCG’s Organized Play Representative at that specific event. A player/attendee has the right to air their grievances to the TO if they feel a situation isn’t being handled appropriately. I didn’t think it was appropriate for Ali to still be allowed in the venue and I expressed that. In no way is that USC-Minor. I had a civil conversation with Mister Vorbroker.

Also, it seems to me that you’re missing the point where Casey Brefka, the tournament’s head judge, even agrees with me that Ali should not be allowed to stay in the venue. He heard everything I had to say and agreed with me and expressed that to Patrick after I said I was going to leave the venue for the rest of the weekend then.

As an aside, asking for Ali to be removed from the venue is not demanding an outcome as far as the IPG is concerned. If I had demanded that Ali receive a DQ, I could see where you were coming from. But asking for someone to be removed from the venue is not the same thing as asking for a DQ. Because being DQ’d does not get you removed from the venue. Judges have no say in that matter. Considering this was a conversation between a player and a TO, it was not a conversation about the ruling. Rather a TO decision.

I’ve sat and I read the Judge Code of Conduct again. I hadn’t read it since it was released. There was nothing that says I can’t be public about a situation I am going through that upsets me. I have not “flammed” a player. I wrote a post about my account of what happened, why it upset me, and why I felt Ali’s apology missed it mark. I have not gone on a social media rampage. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how writing this post is “flamming” Ali. I also don’t use my credentials as a judge to add credence to my claims. I only identify myself as a judge to explain why I know what Ali did was USC-Major since as a judge I am expected to know the IPG. I don’t misuse my title as judge in any of my statements. I don’t say “Ali is wrong because I’m a judge and I say so.” I don’t use my status as a judge to get preferential treatment. If I had on site, I am pretty sure Casey, a seasoned L3, would have issued me a penalty.

If you honestly think I have broken the Judge Code of Conduct or think anything I am doing is wrong, there are multiple outlets to report me to. I’ll list some:

Magic Judge Feedback Form
You can report me to my Region Coordinator (John Alderfer, L3, USA-NE) using this form.

Both of these links were made available for you if you read the Code of Conduct document in it’s entirety. Instead of continuing to engage with me, I highly recommend you just report me and we’ll see what happens from there.

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