All I could think while reading this was “waaaaah look at me I’m a victim waaaah I’m special.”
Chris Bender

Hi, I rarely get to read something that balances on the knife’s edge of both being sincere and belittling at the same time. And no, that was not sarcasm or an attempt to belittle you. Anyway.

Mind if I ask you a question? If someone came up to you at a Magic: the Gathering event and said to you “hey, let me grab your junk” while he was holding his own crotch; would you consider that amusing? Would you immediately think that he was being completely harmless?

Also, while it is your right to have an opinion, please do not make the assumption that I am some overly sensitive person who gets offended by everything. You don’t know me. There is a difference between walking around on the street and getting riled up by some random asshole versus being a Magic tournament. When you decide to come into a venue of a Magic event you agree to follow the rules of the IPG, the code of conduct of the TO, and whatever bylaws the venue itself has. If someone comes up to me and asks me if they can “cop a feel,” I am going to exercise my right as someone at a Magic event to go to a judge and report it. Just like it’s my right to call a judge if I think my opponent drew extra cards or is committing slow play.

On a final note. Maybe you didn’t read my article thoroughly. So, I would like to clear up something you said in your final thought. I bring up my not passing for two reasons. One, because it is a simple fact. Two, because I am okay with it. I used to struggle with it a lot. But then I got older and wiser. And having an amazing partner helps as well. I am not angry at the world over my Transness. Quite the contrary.

Also, I didn’t bring politics into Magic: the Gathering. Wizards of the Coast Organized Play and the Judge Program did. If you have a problem with USC-Major and USC-Minor, please talk to them. Not me.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope that you eventually formulate a way to express opinions without name calling and verbal attacks.