I strongly believe that Ali’s response at the time of the event and the judge’s initial decision…
Fenix Moore

Hold on. I am confused. Where do I ask for further punishment? Where do I use the victim card and say “I want X to happen to Ali?” I’m serious. Tell me where I say that. In fact, I’m pretty sure I say I don’t have all the answers.

I don’t want Ali to receive a three year ban. I didn’t even want him to receive the suspension from TCG Player. Which is why I have been talking to Adam Styboroski today. You’re pretty off base here and I am not even sure you read the whole piece.

Trust me, there is no positive PR from doing this. I have absolutely nothing to gain from this. In fact, my past 48 hours have been filled with moments like this. People telling me I am wrong for being upset, wrong for not accepting his apology, and wrong for writing this post. And you know what, I knew that there would be this kind of backlash from writing this and I did it anyway. Why?

Because I have a right to. Just like Ali has a right to apologize in a public forum, I have a right to write out my story and my thoughts on his apology. I don’t make any calls to action. I don’t tell people to protest SCG or TCG Player. I share my thoughts and feelings.

If my standing up to an act of bullying and taking my time to write out my story creates a lesser view of trans players then there is something seriously wrong with the community. Please, explain to me how wrongfully handled this? What would you have done? If your identity was made into a joke and you harassed for it at a Magic the Gathering event, what would you have done? What would you have done if you felt the apology was insincere as you see it being commended and applauded? What would you have done when you realize you have a much smaller voice than the perpetrator?

I wrote my story in an effort to convey the sense of helplessness I felt. Not for some gain. As a friend, I asked Reuben Bressler if he could share it. I did not ask for it to go on Reddit and I most certainly don’t even know Matt Sperling.

I’m done. I’ve said my peace. You can have your opinion.

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