A Reply To Yang’s Open Letter
Mathios Meridius

Mathios Meridius,

I ask you not to close your letter as real pokemon fans because you certainly do not speak for me. Not only have I played every pokemon game (except green exclusive to Japan) but I was one of the few who were fortunate to beta test Pokemon GO. Every game came with a mechanism to find pokemon from the basic pokedex in red/blue/yellow to the poke radar in Omega ruby and Alpha Sapphire. At least with the games you knew exact area where they were at and even now they tell you that you complete an area of all the particular pokemon. There were game guides published. Sharing information is not cheating. What you do with it is purely up to the individual. Pokevision was a perfect example of addressing an issue that continuously complained about during the beta. You compare to Ash and his journey - he had a destination and maybe caught 43 out of the 723 total, whereas we go in circles with a glitchy and inefficient system with sprites that might not be actually there. Even a mechanism like pokevision there is no guarantee a person could get there to catch something they don’t have. As for cheating, I remember the glitch in Red/Blue/Yellow where you could get near unlimited masterballs (5th item slot and catching missingno), use dig at the safari zone and surf the edge of Cinnabar Island and catch a Tauros and an unknown level of charmeleon. I bet you used that little nugget of knowledge when you were a kid as well. Your vision of pokemon is not the same for others. Some like to merely collect them, some like to battle, some like to breed and trade, and right now the game is purely a collector’s game until the other 90% of the game is implemented. I think except for maybe 4 pokemon I have collect 122 without pokevision. Especially, in areas I am not familiar with. Next time, speak for yourself. As a pokemon fan and with others, your attitude is not of friendship and teamwork like the show. Yang at least tried to give players something to go by in the spirit of teamwork (The future is now thanks to science). All you can do is tear people down, that sounds like more like team rocket to me.

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