Surge pricing in 2030

It’s 9:30 PM and saypee has just been picked up by an Uber after a night of medium drinking

uber: Good day sir.

saypee: Night, you mean?

uber: And that too. Where to sir? Home?

saypee: Yes

uber: May I look up your details on wechat?

saypee: Sure

uber: Alright sir, setting destination as 42, Singularity Drive. You are in luck, it looks like it is only going to take us about 17 minutes to get you home.

saypee: Uh huh

uber: May I offer you a range of audibles you can listen to while we get you home?

saypee: No.

uber: Should I do a quick detour by Papa Joe’s? They have all-day discounts on garlic and three cheese pizza till 1:00 am?

saypee: oh man, you know I am a fan of that place don’t you. it’s unfair. mmmm alright. it is unfair i tell you

uber: It’s ok, I know you haven’t indulged too much this past month

uber: oh sorry, before I go further, I’ll have to tell you that the detour will have surge pricing kicking in. Not much, 1.27

saypee: wait, why?!

uber: We do a real-time calculation of demand and supply and try to match it ease out imbalances

saypee: Fuck you man, not this shit again

uber: Sorry sir, but it is what it is. It really is a complex optimization, I could have it pop up on your screen.

saypee: Please fucking do.

uber: I understand your irritation sir, believe me, I do

saypee: I find that very easy to believe

uber: silence

saypee: you do get sarcasm, right?

uber: yes sir

uber: sir, I just noticed that you signed a petition on to ban optimized pricing

saypee: how the…

uber: that data is publicly available


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