PHD candidate failed to disclose activist connection in letter attacking science film
Stephan Neidenbach

The extreme irony is that the agrochemical / biotech industry does exactly what Stephan is complaining about here, but in a worse way. Posing people who are not with the industry as commenting, when in fact they are doing the messaging work for the industry.

Eric Lipton’s NYT article of Sept 15, 2015 about Folta and others contains a link to a 177-page document that uses the phrase “white hats” that refers to this plan. That document of FOIA’d emails shows the down and dirty plan of the biotech propaganda campaign to delude the public by making it seem as if everyone knows there’s a “consensus” of safety on GMOs and agrochemicals, and that critics are just silly people who have no clue about anything an probably caught “chemophobia” because they weren’t vaccinated, etc. The propaganda is political theology essentially.

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