Accounts Payable Invoice and Payment Voucher

Payable Invoice and Payment Voucher

In our previous blog, we had discussed about Vendor Transaction Report, a part of our India Pack Report. India Pack reports are made keeping in mind the complex Indian Taxation scenario. Sage India Pack report consists of reports like Purchase Register, Vendor Transaction, Sales Register, etc. In today’s blog we are going to discuss about AP Invoice & Payment Voucher report from Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd as a part of Sage India Pack extended reports.

Many companies in India still have a process which includes printing all the Invoices & Payments in a format of ledger or voucher which can be manually approved by the department or business owners, before they have been posted.

With a lot of invoices and payments happening on a daily basis for a company, there is a need not only for automation, but also seamless processes and reducing paperwork as much as possible. This is where the Accounts Payable Invoice and Payment Voucher comes in handy.

The utility of the Sage India Pack report allows you to print the vouchers before and after being posted. If the user wants to print the invoices / payment which are created but still not posted in the system he / she can do it by selecting the “Invoice / Payment Number” in the interface and can print the report.

To print Accounts Payable Invoice voucher navigate to India Pack Report >> AP Voucher >> AP Invoice Voucher

The AP Invoice Report will be printed in following format:

To print Accounts Payable Payment voucher navigate to India Pack Report >> AP Voucher >> AP Payment Voucher

The AP Payment Report will be printed in following format:

This not only makes the work of the user easy but also keeps a tab on all the changes made and who has made those changes. To know about other India Pack Reports which can be suitable for you, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

Originally published at on July 29, 2015.

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