Contact Centre and CRM are heading for a Mashup

Yes, contact centre and CRM: two prominent industries that have been co-existing on the workstation of a contact centre rep or agent are headed for a nexus. The arcs of these two verticals are about to interweave. Simply put, the two industry verticals are heading towards a collision. Outcomes include exciting innovations in terms of customer experience and market-wide impact.

Times have changed!

In today’s age of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, CRM is in for the most enthralling times since its inception. Simultaneously, contact centre is experiencing a turmoil, as advanced communication means are gaining acceptance at warp speed and cloud deployments are fetching good traction.

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Both the industries have co-existed in the same ecosystem mainly to facilitate customers’ interactions with a business. However, as CRM solutions evolved, they gained acceptance into delivery, sales and marketing. Contact centre and CRM solutions would interact occasionally like when telephonic call controls found their way onto a CRM system’s screen or when a mere service call turned out to be an upselling opportunity.

Now as database tools flourished and sources of data about customers accrued, the innovative concept of CRM surfaced. Businesses found themselves in a pool of information pertaining to customers, their preferences, interests, purchase history, etc. Businesses utilise a number of ways and tools to leverage this data.

What’s up with today’s digital age?

The two verticals share a profound use of intelligent analytics, robust reporting systems, et al. Applications might co-exist on the desktop, technologies and tools used in contact centre have remained separate from CRM. But, the trend is changing. Yes, the charm of real-time interaction is withering. Businesses that once revered voice calls are seeing a change in perception, as CRM is entering the contact centre.

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It makes sense to have a single and unified hub to manage customer interactions and communications for any organisation. This can range from services to sales and marketing.

The benefits of CRM-contact centre nexus are plentiful, but the overall efficiency and crux of a CRM software in contact centre lies in its real potential to drive customer satisfaction levels and sales that make it an integral part for contact centres of recent times.

CRM solutions play a pivotal role in the success of a contact centre, since it streamlines the processes and helps a business focus more on service and sales in the most efficient way.

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